Easements are sometimes a necessary part of real estate ownership. Our land consulting service can help guide you through your situation. Easements can vary a lot with some being agreed, while others are not agreed easements. Four easement types are not agreed to: easement by necessity, easement by implication, easement by prescription and easement by condemnation.

Other kinds of property easements that show up around the country and in Texas include conservation easements, solar easements, utility easements for electric-power, telephone lines and fuel pipelines, easements providing access to beaches or surface waters and historic-preservation easements.

It’s a landowner’s obligation to understand the nature of any property easement that exists in relation to land being purchased. Easements are a complicated and thorny area of the law. The facts of a specific case generally drive a court’s decision. If you find yourself with an ambiguous or contentious property easement, let our land consulting service help you.