Wildlife Management Consulting

The recreational value of Texas lands has increased tremendously in recent years. Much of that recreational value stems from wildlife and associated activities such as hunting and wildlife viewing. Our wildlife management services can help you identify the potential of your property, and even help you convert your ag taxes over to the wildlife exemption. Information gathered from your property can be assimilated to provide you with the best practical land use ideas either for recreation or for a hunting and/or ranching operation.

For persons looking to purchase property, let us help you evaluate it. We know wildlife and habitat and can assess potential acquisition. For current landowners, it may be time to revisit your wildlife management goals if your land is not producing what you expected. Our wildlife management consulting services can assist you in determining what type of operation is most cost effective and efficient or help you determine what it takes to reach your ultimate goal. We can also administer your hunting lease or grazing lease, and make sure that they are functioning with your long term goals in mind. Whether you want big whitetail deer for hunting, a great lake for fishing, a cattle operation, duck hunting leases, ecotourism, or a mix of everything, contact us.