Wildlife Management

Wildlife management plans are a valuable tool for managing the resources on any property. The plans developed by our land consulting service help set short term objectives and long term goals for the type of operation the landowner desires. Some of the information gathered for the plans includes harvest recommendations, population estimates of game and non-game species, land use analysis, an assessment of the quality and quantity of habitat available, habitat management recommendations, feeding needs and historic land uses.

A wildlife management plan can also be developed to file for the Wildlife Tax Valuation, as detailed in the Texas Constitution, Article VIII, Section 1-d-1. The Wildlife Tax Valuation is commonly referred to as a “wildlife exemption.” Our aim is to provide you with a document that you can use as a resource and our guide for you to achieve your future goals.

The wildlife management plans created by our land consulting service specifically for your property can also be used for the Managed Lands Deer Permits (MLD Permits); Trap, Transport and Transplant Permits (TTT Permit), Trap, Transport and Process Permits (TTP Permit); and other state and federal programs.