Land Management Services in Texas

Land that is not properly managed can create problems down the road, whether it be habitat abuse, increased property taxes or problems with trespass or otherwise. Land that is not regularly maintained can invite damage, misuse, arson, overgrazing and many other undesirable scenarios. Land can certainly take a beating and still recover, but there is a limit before habitat restoration becomes nearly impossible.

Little things can sometimes turn into big problems because people will notice that the property is not being used and may trespass to do who knows what on your land thinking nobody will ever know. If this is a serious concern for you then consider using our land management services. If you are going to be an absentee landowner then protect yourself and your investment by scheduling regular visits to your property.

Many uninformed landowners fall prey to unscrupulous cattle men that overgraze and destroy the natural resources/assets found on their property. We see this time and time again, especially with absentee landowners. It is important that the passive income streams from your land, be it from hunting leases, grazing leases or otherwise, not critically impact the long-term value of your investment.

If you are unable to physically visit the land at least six times a year, or not capable, well-versed enough or just too busy to handle the leasing of your land, then consider contacting us to help you monitor your land. We offer property management, wildlife management and leasing services along with real estate and leasing administration services. Our land services can have someone check on your property, manage and handle grazing and hunting leases, as well as send you photos so you can you keep tabs on your property.

Our land consulting services include natural resource management. We are familiar with state and federal programs that can protect and benefit your land. Let us help you develop a management plan for your property for a wildlife tax valuation (wildlife exemption), the Managed Land Deer Program (MLDP; MLD Permits for deer management), or simply to develop a long-term management strategy for the plant communities found on your property.

Owning land takes both knowledge and work, but we understand not everyone is a cattleman, hunting lease manager, wildlife biologist and real estate agent rolled into one. Our land consulting services can help with any project on your property.